What We Do

We Are Collaborative

With over 35 years of biogenetics experience in the global tissue culture industry, Perfect Plants currently produces over 35 million plant & tissue culture products per year for over 100 customers. With our experience and commitment to our NAK Elite Certification, we work with our clients to create clean (virus & bacteria free) certified products so they can meet their planned production timelines & quantities.


Our core customers have stayed with us for many years, most starting small and growing exponentially. We ensure our clients have the right varieties of plants & genetics so that together we can successfully increase the product supply to meet growing demands. Our unique auction system and distribution network from the Netherlands solves logistical problems in an industry lacking uniform standards. We make certain that our customers receive what they want and know exactly how to get there.


Not only do we offer competitive pricing for our clients, but we also ensure reliability and consistency in our services, no matter the size.

We Are Forward-Thinking

Perfect Plants currently supports the production of over 100 varieties of horticultural plants, including potatoes, carnivorous plants, and spathiphyllum. The current business is profitable, but we are also looking towards the future. With continued expansion into cannabis and other markets, we are uniquely positioned to produce and export a greater variety of products to a worldwide market.

We Are Protective

Perfect Plants is a global biotech leader that helps producers scale and thrive by eliminating the risks and variables of commercial cultivation, safely storing and maintaining genetics through tissue culture and young plant propagation. With 500,000 square feet of modern greenhouse complexes and production space, Perfect Plants keeps all stocks at a minimum of two locations, ensuring they remain safe and protected in the event of an emergency.

We Are Sustainable

At Perfect Plants, we understand that sustainable production is near-necessity for us, our clients, and the world. We work in partnership with 22 other greenhouse companies to use the CO2 waste of the Rotterdam Industrial Complex and heat it with the geothermal energy of the biggest geothermal well in Europe. We are no longer an energy consumer, but a producer, able to generate and store our own energy through generators that process waste CO2 into O2 & fertilizer for our crops.

We have become an international standard for not only absorbing CO2 but cleaning polluted air and preventing/curing Sick Building Syndrome. We also grow in closed greenhouses, utilizing no wastewater, fertilizers, or chemicals and only biological control for insect contamination.

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