Genetics Library

Proprietary Growing

We follow growing and distribution protocols that we have developed over the past 40 years. This enables us to deliver the highest quality plants with exact genetic replication, reliably and consistently

Controlled Environment

In the tissue culture, process moulds or viruses can also be controlled or removed in the plants. Those growers producing medical grade plants can also be sure that every variety is high-quality and genetically identical.

Genetically Identical

Every plant we replicate by tissue culture has the exact same genetics as the original mother plant. This enables the production of a reliable supply of large commercial quantities of identical plants to growers. Our specialization is food and pharma and sustainable agriculture.

Successful Germination

As a premier company, Perfect Plants maintains stringent standards across all of its products. Perfect Plants is Naktuinbouw Elite & MPS GAP certified, going above and beyond guidelines for quality, consistency, sustainability, safety, health, and traceability.

Successful Germination

Other Products

Tissue Culture

The gold standard of large-scale plant cultivation.

Young Plants

Producing over 30 million plant products per year.

Seed Potatoes

Experienced producers of virus-free minituber seed potatoes.

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