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Perfect Positioning

With progressive technology, plant genetics, product processing, and worldwide distribution being Perfect Plants’ areas of strength, there’s perhaps no company better positioned to lead the botanical & plant-derived drugs industry.

Why Perfect Plants?

We are licensed by Holland’s Bureau of Medicinal Cannabis to grow cannabis in the Netherlands and uniquely positioned to enter the rapidly growing industry.

Between a medical market that demands exact replication and an emphasis on consumer protection that will become more pronounced as the cannabis market matures, the growth potential of a company that can preserve, replicate, cultivate and store genetic materials will be nothing short of exponential.

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We have successfully filled the accelerated need for stable and reliable starting plant material in the agricultural and nutraceutical markets. Producing well over 30 million plant products per year, Perfect Plants is well equipped to meet the expanded needs of the plant-based pharmaceutical market with further expansion on the horizon.

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Our management team carries over 40 years of experience in cultivating high-value plants, maintaining large, 400,000 sq. ft. production facilities in South Holland and 45,000 sq. ft. in South Africa. Perfect Plants is currently the largest producers of Spathiphyllum (peace lilies) and one of the largest providers of seedling potatoes in the world, our dedication to both quality and efficiency is unparalleled in the tissue culture industry.

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Most cannabis enterprises have yet to experience the imperatives or conditions that would lead them down the path of tissue cultivation. But as the sector develops and consolidates, the yields, the risks and the stakes will quickly become higher.

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Our facilities have the resources to support large-scale cultivation for global markets. These enviable benefits, along with our unique tissue culture production process, are what encourages our vision of entering and succeeding in the cannabis market.

We are a mature company in an immature marketplace

The botanical and plant-derived cannabis industry is maturing, and the market is about to blossom.

That industry exceeds $62.7 billion currently (International Trade Centre (ITC), Switzerland); a report by Deloitte expects the cannabis industry in Canada alone to balloon to $22.6 billion – surpassing the combined sales of beer, wine, and spirits. Coupled with Canada’s expected allowance of recreational use of cannabis, as well as legalization occurring throughout the U.S., we expect to have a significant opportunity in these areas through our approach.

Genetics Library

Our genetic library currently holds over 50 varieties of cannabis and we are working with our partners to offer over 250 varieties, which will make us the holder of one of the largest cannabis genetic libraries in the world. No one on earth will handle and safeguard your precious source material with greater care or expertise.

With the emerging trend of tissue cultures, as well as the soon-to-be-booming cannabis market, this is the ideal time to invest in Perfect Plants, a mature company poised to service a budding industry.

Certified, Consistent & Safe Cannabis

As the only NAK-elite certified cultivator in the cannabis sector, Perfect Plants is uniquely positioned to apply decades of scientific knowledge, human capital, assets and infrastructure to deliver the benefits, certainties and scale that only stable genetics can deliver.

Indispensable Partner

We help progressive cannabis producers around the world scale and thrive by using stable genetics to eliminate the variables and risks of commercial cultivation.

The biggest opportunity for medical cannabis producers to create differentiation is being able to offer a set amount of cannabinoids, perfectly tailored to a particular treatment – and having the ability to replicate it exactly, in commercial quantities, over and over again. Perfect Plants is an LP’s indispensable partner for future-proofing growth.

Indispensable Partner

We Aim To:

Maintain a leading position in the emerging markets of tissue culture and young plant production

Establish a new global offering that supports the pharmaceutical shift from chemical-based to plant-based medicine

Capture the soon-to-be flourishing industries, such as cannabis, through our diversified approach

Increase plant production to pursue global opportunities

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