Minituber Seed Potatoes

Experienced producers of virus-free minituber seed potatoes and in-vitro tissue culture plants

For over 20 years, Perfect Plans has produced and delivered minitubers for prominent potato companies in the Netherlands and around the world. We also partner with independent growers in the production supply-chain of seed potatoes.

From Initiation to Production

Plants are initiated from field grown plants or from mother tubers at our tissue culture laboratory before undergoing meticulous testing for bacterial and viral diseases. A mother stock is maintained from these tested plants, which can be used for several years of production. After the production of the tissue culture plants, they are weaned and hardened off in our quarantined greenhouse, where they grow safely in disease free conditions. Finally, the tubers are harvested, sorted, counted and certified. Minitubers are used as starting material for clonal selection and the production of seed potatoes.

Minituber Potato

NAK Certified

All our potato varieties are vigorously tested for contaminants, multiple times during the production process. 


The following specific tests are routinely carried out on a regular basis:

  • Bacterial disease: brown rot, ring rot, erwinia
  • Viruses: Y, XS, M, BL, M, V and PMTV
  • Viroid: PSTVd.
  • Other tests are performed upon request


Our tests are performed according to the processes of the European Union Phytosanitary Directives which all member states of the EU are required to meet. Additionally, all working procedures in both the laboratory and the greenhouse are carried out under the Dutch Plant Protection Service (PPS), an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality who is responsible for monitoring, control and eradication of quarantine organisms. The NAK (Dutch General Inspection Service for Agricultural Seeds and Seed Potatoes) inspections include quarantine aspects under responsibility and supervision of PPS. If all quality and quarantine requirements are met, the NAK issues a “Plant passport”, which comes with all our shipments. This document combines the phytosanitary certificate and the NAK certificate.

You can boil the advantages of working with Perfect Plants down to a very simple word; Partnership. Perfect Plants is not only a trusted supplier, a true partner with whom we really think and work together, towards shared business goals. Perfect Plants produces a substantial portion of our mini tubers, which serve as the basis for our significant seed potato production and have made it possible for us to reduce the number of generations significantly. Additionally, their ability to introduce new varieties as well as prepare and ship in-vitro plantlets upon request is a real game changer. One of the biggest threats in our business are the multiple risks of cultivation. Our way of handling risk is frankly to eliminate them from the outset. Perfect Plants provides the basic material at the very beginning of the process, which is the best way for us to execute elimination of risk. Collaboration is paramount to a relationship, and Perfect Plants is in every sense of the word a real partner.

Willem in ‘t Anker

Willem in ‘t Anker

Manager, Purchasing & Production at C. Meijer B.V.

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