Tissue Culture

What is Tissue Culture?

Tissue culture technology is used to mass reproduce plants at early stage growth, so that growers can reproduce their harvest faster and with superior quality, at a lower cost than alternatives.

Why Tissue Culture?

As the global market advances to a greater reliance on plants for active ingredients and stable food supplies, the value proposition of tissue cultures grows exponentially.

Shortened production &
growth cycles

Higher quality, mould and
pathogen-free plants

Consistent genetics &


Reduced costs

Saves growing space

Improves yields

Life-long Experience

With over 40 years of biogenetics experience in the global tissue culture industry, Perfect Plants knows what large-scale agriculturists and horticulturists have learned the hard way: tissue culture is the key to commercial success. And the ultimate insurance policy.

Avoiding Failure

Not only does tissue cultivation produce plants that possess certainty of materials (resulting in a certifiably clean, unfailingly consistent, high-value product), but it also provides the means to avoid the disastrous consequences of source materials being wiped out in a natural disaster or crop failure.

Premium Quality

As a premier company, Perfect
Plants maintains stringent standards across all of its products. Perfect Plants is Naktuinbouw Elite & MPS GAP certified, going above and beyond guidelines for quality, consistency, sustainability, safety, health, and traceability.

Tissue Culture Services

We offer a growing variety of tissue culture services for our clients:


Tissue Culture Initiation

Plant Multiplication & Production

Virus Free Guarantee

Tissue Culture Protocol Development Process


The first step of our tissue culture process is initiation, where we take a meristem (growth center/growthpoint) and sterilize it from bacteria or fungi with proprietary protocols. After establishing the plant in culture, liquid broth tests are performed to ensure plant materials are thoroughly clean.



Our specialized protocols are designed to produce as many plants as possible within the shortest time frame, while preserving the genetic stability and integrity of the plant material.


For most organizations, rooting is the hardest part of the tissue culture process, but at Perfect Plants, we use a special rooting media designed to ensure strong, healthy plants. We have extensive experience rooting many different species, including: herbaceous, perennial, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical plants.



After the tissue culture plants have been rooted, we transfer them to our specialized hardening facilities, which gradually harden the plants to ensure success in your greenhouses. We can perform hardening in any desired plug, with or without soil.

From initiation, through to multiplication, root formation, and hardening, we take the utmost care in every step of the tissue culture process. As plants mature from the laboratory to the greenhouses, they are kept in sterile, aseptic conditions, properly acclimatized, and developed to ensure they are guaranteed disease free.

We have proven for over 40 years that tissue culture is among the fastest and most efficient ways to scale up commercial production. Our micropropagation process maintains quality and uniformity at much faster speeds than traditional multiplication and production methods, creating plants with more fibrous root systems, denser branching habits, and more vigorous growth, all while ensuring a higher survival rate.

These benefits lead to substantial cost savings for our clients.


We currently have over 100 different varieties of crops in our lab which all need their own protocols to grow, multiply, root, and harden. Our growers are experts in maintaining protocols and developing new ones for untried varieties and species of plants.

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