Young Plants

Superior Quality

We have a library of plant genetics to offer on-demand choices of young plants. Tissue culture technology is used to mass reproduce plants at early stage growth, so that growers can reproduce their harvest faster and with superior quality, at a lower cost than alternatives.

Perfect Genetics

Our young plants are grown from tissue cultures. Young plants are produced in a sterile environment and every plant is genetically identical and free of mutations, pests, mould or other contaminants.

We secure the future of your enterprise

Beyond delivering the stable, reliable starting materials that help agriculture and horticulture operations thrive, tissue culture is a powerful insurance policy that protects against the devastating impact of a crop wipe out. With over 500,000 square feet of modern greenhouse complexes and production space, Perfect Plants keeps all stocks at a minimum of two locations, ensuring they remain safe and protected in the event of an emergency.

Producing over 35 million plant products per year

As a premier company, Perfect Plants maintains stringent standards across all of its products. Perfect Plants is Naktuinbouw Elite & MPS GAP certified, going above and beyond guidelines for quality, consistency, sustainability, safety, health, and traceability.

Other Products

Tissue Culture

The gold standard of large-scale plant cultivation.

Genetics Library

Supporting stable and reliable plant materials.

Seed Potatoes

Experienced producers of virus-free minituber seed potatoes.

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